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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Who's Who #17 - OMAC & Orion

Two Kirby pieces in this issue, drawing two of his 1970s characters, both inked by Greg Theakston. The Orion piece has a fairly bland main pose, but the background has some nice stuff like his savage face, a battle with Kalibak and his astro-glider.

OMAC gets a page as well, with a very nice main pose, and a look at his alias Buddy Blank and partner Brother Eye.

Published 1986

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Anonymous said...

I wish that Kirby had more of a chance to express his vision for Omac. Growing up in the seventies and eighties I never had the appreciation I have for his work. When I think that he had a lot more in mind than what was published and it never made it to the presses. I only hope that there are enough Kirby fans out there that we can see a CD ROM of his entire run of OMAC and his other DC and Marvel books.

Is there a plan by Marvel to re publish all his work? I just purchased his Madbomb Captain America arc in paperback. I got his Jimmy Olsen part two and I love them. I never got the chance to read Olsen so it's real treat for me because I never saw them. I liked his Eternals series better than New Gods. To me his characters were more colorful. He got the chance to use more cosmic hardware in that series. I especially like the story where a regular Joe steps into a computer program where he can live out his fantasy as a super hero.