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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Kamandi #40 - The Lizard Lords of Los Lorraine

This is Kirby's final issue of KAMANDI. He didn't write the last handful at all (and was heavily rescripted on the few before that), so it doesn't really feel right in the story, and that comes through a bit in the art as well.

I did like Kamandi's battle with a giant parrot in the opening pages, though.

It's mostly downhill from there, with the new character Arna being a little annoying and a race of lizard men who are pretty blandly designed compared to the earlier animal races. One odd thing is the talking burros, physically unchanged from pre-Great Disaster animals. Horses were always one of the types of animals unchanged, still used as riding animals, in the earlier stories.

Mike Royer was back on the inks for the last few issues, so that was okay, while Joe Kubert drew the cover.

Published 1976

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