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Friday, December 24, 2004

More 1970s Marvel covers

JUNGLE ACTION #18, 1975. Klaus Janson inks, which works better than I expected (but then I'm mostly familiar with Janson from a few years later). This is shortly before Kirby would re-claim the character for his solo series.

AVENGERS, THE #148, 1976. Al Milgrom inks, and Kirby's chance to draw the Squadron Supreme. I'm kind of disappointed they didn't get Murphy Anderson to re-draw Hyperion's face...

THOR #250, 1976. Joe Sinnott inks. Ah, Balder, Sif, the Warriors Three and Mangog. That's some good stuff. Makes me very grateful that Marvel got Kirby to draw all these covers in the 1970s.


Anonymous said...


I think the cover inks of Avengers 148 are by Mike Esposito.

Nick C.

bob said...

Hm, that's interesting. All the sources I have list Milgrom, and comparing it to some of the signed Milgrom covers of the era I can totally see that. Did Esposito do any other Kirby inking in the 1970s to compare it to?

Anonymous said...

off the top of my head, I belioeve he inked a few Machine Man covers.

Nick C.