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Sunday, December 12, 2004

New Kirby - Essential Iron Man #2 etc

This is one of those trivial entries in a Kirby bibliography, but I'm not going to win that award for "Most Monomaniacal Comics Weblog" with half-measures now, am I? Anyway, the just released ESSENTIAL IRON MAN #2 has about a half-dozen Kirby covers from the last bit of IM's run in TALES OF SUSPENSE. Doubly trivial because all of those covers were reprinted in the same format in ESSENTIAL CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 a few years back.

Less trivial, there should be a new JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR in the next few weeks, and hopefully the updated KIRBY UNLEASHED portfolio will be out soon.

And request for information, anyone know what Kirby work is in the recent ART OF MARVEL v2 hardcover? Is it strictly previously published and/or fairly common stuff, or did they sneak in something unpublished and/or rare?

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