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Monday, September 27, 2004

Random Covers

A few random Kirby covers from various eras.

SPIDEY SUPER STORIES #20, 1976, inked by John Romita. Kirby got tapped for two issues of this surprisingly long running book that spun off from the Electric Company TV show's Spidey segments. Both featured FF related characters (the other had the Surfer and Doom).

IN LOVE #5, 1955, published by Charlton. One of the titles taken over from Mainline and featuring left-over work from the Simon&Kirby days.

DAREDEVIL #43, 1968, inked by Joe Sinnott. I guess the Captain America guest appearance was the impetus for bringing Kirby back on DD covers for one issue several years in. Whatever the reason, that's a great action pose for the two characters. You can see why Kirby was so often employed to do covers for books he didn't draw interiors for.


Anonymous said...

Gene Colan drewr the original cover, but DD was in the foreground, and I suspect Stan had Jack do another cover to put Cap in the foreground (perhaps because Cap's title was the better seller?)

Nick Caputo

bob said...

Has Colan's version of that cover seen print anywhere? I don't recall seeing it, but there's been such a mass of that kind of stuff published the last few years that it's hard to keep track.

Anonymous said...

It should be located here:

Along with plenty of other rejected covers.

Nick Caputo