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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Cover Gallery - Airboy, Two-Gun Kid, Hulk, Bombast

Four covers surrounding non-Kirby art, spread over 45 years.

AIRBOY v4#4, May 1947, Simon&Kirby - Bit odd, S&K draw the title character on this issue, while the actual stories they drew in subsequent issues didn't feature Airboy, but were Flying Fool stories. Nice cover, I like those alligators.

TWO-GUN KID #56, October 1960, inked by Dick Ayers - This is the original Two-Gun Kid, who'd be revamped in a few issues. Ayers inking on Kirby western art is always a treat.

HULK ANNUAL #5, 1976, inked by Jack Abel - Neat to see Kirby drawing a bunch of the old Atlas monsters again, even for just some small figures on a cover.

BOMBAST #1, April 1993, inker unknown - The characters for the Topps Kirbyverse comics were taken from unused character designs that Kirby had done sometime prior, so the covers were taken from those designs are are a bit bland, with just the figures rather than any story-related content. But they still work, with a nice kinetic pose on this Bombast figure and some nice bold solid linework.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the original pencils to the Hulk Annual by Kirby, but the figures of Taboo, Diablo and possibly Goom appear to have been altered/redrawn by Romita, something that happened quite often in this time period.

Nick Caputo