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Saturday, September 25, 2004


This generally isn't going to be a commentin' type blog (though feel free to comment and ask questions on anything and I'll try to get to it), but now that I've been doing his for two weeks I'm kind of curious who, if anyone, is reading and what you'd like to see.


Ian said...

I enjoy the blog a lot because I enjoy Kirby a lot. I'd like to see big articles based around certain Kirby creations (a part of me wants an in-depth look at OMAC, I'm not ashamed).

I enjoy there's a blog that's based around artwork. So many of us bloggers, myself included, go on and on about these writers but where would those writers be without artists? Probably trolls on message boards.

Anonymous said...


I wanted to compliment you on a terrific site. I really enjoy the diversity, from the 1940s to reprints in the 70s and beyond, and your comments are always interesting. I've got a lot to go through, and I look forward to commenting and adding any info from time to time.


Nick Caputo