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Monday, September 20, 2004

Cover Gallery - FF, Ghost Rider, 3-D Man

A trio of 1970s books with just Kirby covers.

MARVEL PREMIERE #35 - April 1977, inked by John Verpoorten (with background panels from the interior art by Jim Craig and Dave Hunt). Not a bad character to go with Kirby's style, although the back-story and premise presented in this issue is mind-numbing. And I'm not sure why you'd do a 3-D Man comic that isn't in 3-D.

FANTASTIC FOUR #200 - November 1978, inked by Joe Sinnott. The last time Kirby would draw the FF for Marvel (although he would draw them for a cartoon after this, and some of those story-boards would be taken and turned into a comic a few years later). A simple enough cover, but effective.

GHOST RIDER #22 - February 1977, inked by Al Milgrom. Another one of those odd choices of cover assignments for Kirby, he did three covers for GHOST RIDER.


David Fiore said...

I love 3D man!

Roy Thomas sure had some fun in the seventies!


Anonymous said...

Love the 3-D man - (who wasn't even done in 3-D!) it's great 'coming-at-you' Kirby! For laughs, I also like another cover he did around this time, Captain America #197... Cap has turned his back on bad guys who are shooting at him, leaving himself totally unprotected as bullets go zinging by -- just so he can yell at the reader "I've found an amery of KILLERS, --and I've got to stop them ALONE!"
There's also an arrow with the words "This way for action" pointed in the direction of the killers, as if to remind poor Cap that he needs to turn around, go after 'em and stop whining!

But seriously, Thanks Jack, for all the fun and wonder!