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Friday, July 29, 2005

Sgt. Fury #11 - Cover

Pressed for time today, here's a gorgeous Kirby/Stone war cover guaranteed to knock your socks off.

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Published 1964


Anonymous said...

Beautiful cover. I especially like the coloring on the foreground figure of Izzy. It really makes him stand out (probably the work of Stan Goldberg)

Nick Caputo

Robby Reed said...

This strikes me as a below-average Kirby cover. Not "gorgeous." What's so great about it?

bob said...

The colouring is really good on this one. I've noticed that there's a period there where Marvel had really good colouring effects on the covers, which completely vanished in the late 1960s.

Can't put my finger on why exactly I like this cover, but I've had it on my desktop for a few days and keep admiring it. Just a sense of energy combined with some grit. A lot of it might not come through with just the smaller scan.

Robby Reed said...

I do agree the coloring is far superior to what most comics were doing at that time!