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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

First Love Illustrated #68 - Cover

A very cute mid-1950s cover for Harvey, I especially like the expression on the ride attendents face (plus the pipe). Note also the old man in the back seat. I think he's one of the most frequent regulars in Kirby crowd scenes. I wonder if he's based on anyone in particular?

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Published 1956


Anonymous said...

With regard to the First Love cover, I thought I read somewhere that Kirby would sometimes put his uncle in certain scenes, without being conscious of it at first. Nice cover.

Allen Smith

bob said...

Yeah, that could easily be an uncle to someone of Kirby's generation. I just realized looking at it again that the face is actually pretty similiar to Victor Lanza from the NEW GODS, and obviously a lot of characters in the Fourth World books are specifically based on some people Kirby knew.