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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Kid Colt Outlaw #101 - Cover

Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers supply the cover to this Marvel western. Fortunately for Kid Colt the Daltons and Ringo and the rest are notoriously bad shots, hitting walls and lights when aiming for him. Of course, you have to question KC's logic of shooting the gavel out of Jesse James' hand when there are people there with guns. It's a symbolic victory, true, but hardly the best use of your first shot.

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Published 1961


Kevin Church said...

I look how it looks like Kid Cold is casually leaning against the doorjamb as he makes with the shooting action.

"Howdy. I just came her to...shoot that dang gavel! Yeeee-haw!"

Anonymous said...

I believe the cover is inked by George Klein, not Ayers.

Nick Caputo