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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Devil Dinosaur #4 - Object From the Sky

"BONK BONK BONK". That's the sound of a dinosaur stomping on an alien invader. In case you ever wondered. Gotta love that old Devil Dinosaur stomping action.

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The adventures of Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy ramp up in this issue with an invasion of the Valley of Flame by mysterious aliens, as foretold in prophecy and in Moon-Boy's dreams at the beginning of the issue (including a great two-page splash). The invasion is swift and effective, as Moon-Boy is taken prisoner and Devil is left stunned. Eventually Devil teams up with two other Dawn-Men, Stone-Hand and White-Hairs, and plan a rescue.

Kirby also writes the text page for this issue, "Dinosaurs as Devils and Moon-Boys as PRIMITIVES", about how the tendency of people is to treat the non-human as unintelligent, whereas he thinks "every living creature is capable of an intelligent and compassionate move".

Mike Royer inks the 17-page story while Joltin' Joe Sinnott inks the cover.

Published 1978

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