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Friday, January 27, 2006

Nova #5 - Cover

NOVA #5, 1977, inked by Frank Giacoia, another one of those covers done in that era for non-Kirby characters. I kind of like Nova's design, it's very compatable with the Kirby look. The "Earth-Shaker" villain seems a bit ridiculous, though. I always think "robo-clown" when I first see this cover rather than "drilling machine". Looks like good goofy fun, I guess, especially with the crowds fleeing / crowds in peril look so common in the old monster books.

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SJ Whatley said...

So Kirby only did the cover for this?

bob said...

Yeah, just Kirby on the cover of this one. In general I'll only use the cover as the art sample from a book if that's the only Kirby art in there, since there are so many on-line sources for scans of covers.