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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bombast #1 - Cover

BOMBAST #1, April 1993 - The characters for the Topps Kirbyverse comics were taken from unused character designs that Kirby had done some time prior, so the covers taken from those designs are are a bit bland, with just the figures on a crackly background rather than any story-related content. But they still work, with a nice kinetic pose on this Bombast figure (okay, so it kind of looks like a bowling pose) and some nice bold solid linework. The character always looked to me me like something right in the middle of the Eternals and the New Gods. Don't know who inked this piece, but it's well done.

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Carl said...

GCD says the King himself inked the
cover. Makes sense for an unused character.

steve said...

I'm pretty sure it's not Kirby inks. Doesn't look much like the few later examples of Kirby inks. I'm seeing a few bits that suggest Giacoia's work, which might make sense depending on when it was done. Captain Glory looked a bit more like Kirby inks on the Marvelmania posters.