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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Marvel Super-Heroes #32 - Trapped in the Lair of the Leader

This reprints the Hulk story from TALES TO ASTONISH #69 (1965), slightly out of sequence since the HULK SPECIAL that reprinted the following issues had already come out. Mike Esposito inks the 10-page story, using the "Demeo" pen-name. Typical Hulk story of the era, he gets captured by fellow gamma-green freak the Leader, who is stealing a military device which absorbs radiation, while the army is in pursuit. Fortunately the Hulk makes a timely rampage, knowing from the Banner part of his mind that he has to destroy the device, though he reverts to Banner and appears to die as the army closes in, despite Rick Jones' attempt to stop them.

These are some great rampaging Hulk images on this page, aren't they?

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Published 1972

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