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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Fantastic Four #97 - The Monster From the Lost Lagoon

Even on vacation, the FF can't avoid challenging the unknown, this time Reed is asked by the navy to investigate some ship sinkings and sea monster sightings. The boys finally end up in an underground tunnel with an amphibious creature, who it turns out is a crashed alien, unable to communicate with them and trying to save his mate. So we learn a lesson about the importance of communication. I have to say, though, Reed is a little unfair to Ben, saying he attacked the alien without provocation, when in fact the alien had sunk ships, almost crushed Reed's arm and almost drowned the three of them. Anyway, the alien leaves, never to be seen again (until Roy Thomas brought him back as part of a sprawling cosmic storyline, then later Mark Gruenwald set a story among his race, Tom DeFalco complicated it all in a story that made no sense and Mark Waid took him back to the basics. Okay, none of that actually happened...).

Still a nice tale with a lot of good character bits (Johnny pining for Crystal and playing with Franklin, Ben saving the others) among a string of single issue stories.

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Frank Giacoia inks the 20-page story and the cover.

Published 1970


Mike Sullivan said...

I believe the monster returned in FF #124 & 125 with John Buscema at the drawing board. I think this was Stan Lee's last story before Roy Thomas taking over.

bob said...

I actually didn't know that. I assumed this was one of the few, the proud, Kirby characters from the Silver Age who was never brought back. Learn something new every day.