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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

In Love #5 - Cover

IN LOVE #5, 1955, published by Charlton. One of the titles taken over from Mainline and featuring left-over work from the ill-fated Simon&Kirby publishing venture, with just a cover with S&K art on this one. It's kind of interesting that this is promising 10 complete (presumably very short) stories, since the tagline for the Mainline IN LOVE was "Book Length Love Novel", with the covers made out to look like prose romance novels. I wonder if there was a long story meant for this cover (whether by S&K or not) that was unused or appeared in another Charlton book.

(by the way, if anyone has the Mainline IN LOVE #4, it's among the few Kirby-cover-only books that I still need a scan of, so it would be appreciated)

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The Comic Book Haters said...

Great blog! Kirby is the muthafreaking MAN!!

-DJ Sloofus