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Monday, February 06, 2006

Amazing Adventures #1 - The Inhumans

Hm, the Inhumans and the Black Widow "In one mag together - Because You Demanded It"? I wonder how many letters they got actually demanding a split-book with those characters?

Anyway, after years of saying it was coming, the Inhumans finally got their own feature, written and drawn by Kirby, just before he left the company. In this issue, after a brief intro with the FF reviewing some film of the Inhumans, we see the royal family repel an attempt by some soldiers trying to find the Great Refuge, and then seeing their home attacked by a pair of missiles, sent by the exiled Maximus but designed to look like it came from the FF, sending those oh-so-paranoid Inhumans on the attack.

Not a bad start, although this brief run did get a bit weaker through the run, as I'm sure Kirby was ready to work on the next thing by this time.

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Chic Stone inks the 10-page story, which is a bit better than his work on the later two issues of this four issue run, but still not close to his early 1960s run inking Kirby. The cover is split for the two features, with Kirby just doing the Inhumans half, inked by Frank Giacoia.

Published 1970


Anonymous said...

Stone's work is not as strong here as his great stuff in the 1960s. Its too bad they didn't get Wood to ink these stories (he was back at Marvel at the time)

Nick Caputo

Mark said...

I quite like the later Stone inking, myself. Nice and chunky.