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Monday, December 12, 2005

Avengers #152 - Cover

Some nice skeleton action on this cover, very moody. I'm not sure what's going on with the villain, though, with some sort of bird motif on the mask, lionish hands. Dan Adkins provides the inking on this one.

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Published 1976


RAB said...

The Black Talon's gloves were meant to match his boots, which were meant to be rooster feet. His gimmick was voodoo: he could raise zombie slaves...but since the Comics Code at that time banned any use of the word "zombie" they were referred to throughout the story as "zuvembie" slaves instead.

Anonymous said...

The dialogue on the cover was VERY essential! "Nothing Can Stop me Now!"

Nick Caputo

bob said...

So those were supposed to be rooster talon hands? I'm going to guess that wasn't clear to Kirby on the sketch he was given to do the cover. Or is that how the character looked inside the book as well? That's definitely fur he's drawing, not feathers.

Marvel did have those streches where they loved their dialogue on covers, no matter how redundant.

RAB said...

Bob, I went and checked that issue just for you. The interior art (by John Buscema and Joe Sinnott, perhaps not the classic pair for zombie stories) shows the Black Talon with gloves and boots that are flush with the rest of the costume, and with a pattern of stylized feathers -- or perhaps meant to suggest the scaled texture of a rooster's feet. Kirby's version is actually much more interesting.