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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sgt. Fury #14 - Cover

Here's a nice image of the Howler's circled by what I guess are their German counterparts. For some reason I'm tempted to reverse the logos and present it as the rare Earth-X comic BARON STRUCKER AND HIS BLITZKREIG SQUAD. Although I thought the character was better when they brought him into the modern age as Oberst Strucker, Agent of S.C.H.I.L.D.

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The Kirby checklist lists this as Colletta inks, but I'm not seeing it at all. GCD seems to be down, so I can't cross-check there, but I'm thinking Ayers.

Published 1965


Anonymous said...

Nice cover, though not Colletta inks. I'm thinking Ayers as well.

Nick Caputo

Carl said...

According to GCD:

Cover Credits:
Jack Kirby (Pencils) Dick Ayers (Inks)

The Blitzkrieg Squad of Baron Strucker
(Sequence 1 - story , 20 pages

Feature Story: Sgt. Fury

Stan Lee (Script),
Dick Ayers (Pencils),
George Roussos (Inks),
Artie Simek (Letters).

bob said...

Thanks. I see the GCD originally had George Roussos. I looked a bit closer and I'm pretty sure Ayers is it.