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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Our Fighting Forces #152 - A Small Place in Hell

Kirby's chronicles of the Losers brings them to France this issue, in a story reportedly very close to a few of the real war stories that Kirby would tell.

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The Losers have a rare three-day pass, and go to a town that they think should have been taken by the allies weeks ago. Unfortunately, they took a wrong turn somewhere, and the town is full of Germans, leading to a lot of firefights and general destruction before the American forces roll-in. That includes a cameo from General Patton, who thanks them for keeping the Germans occupied and declares the Losers "Fine boys, but 'foul-ups'".

Also in this issue, two pages of various machine guns used in WWII, and on the letter page Steve Sherman mentions that Kirby used an extensive picture file of WWII material for the book, and they'd recently gone out to get more reference material.

D. Bruce Berry inks the cover, 18-page story and 2-page backup.

Published 1974

For more on Kirby's war experience and how he used it in this run of OFF, check out the Kirby Museum.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see Our Fighting Forces highlighted. Fans would be well advised to go outside the superhero genre and discover great stories from Kirby and others in the war genre.

Allen Smith