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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mighty Marvel Western #26 - Trapped by Dead-Eye Dawson

A 6-page Kirby/Ayers reprint from RAWHIDE KID #31 (1962) leads off this issue. Really odd splash page with an extreme close-up of Dawson with the Kid reflecting in his eyes. The story had Dawson, a special deputy, hoping to make his reputation by bringing in the Kid. He also travels with his young son, Peter. The Kid attempts to flee before Dawson can get together a posse, but winds up in a shoot-out.

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In the end the Kid only has one bullet, and uses it to save Peter from a rattlesnake, earning a pass out of town from Dawson. You'd think with all these lawmen who wind up having their lives or those of loved ones saved by the Kid every month one of them would put in a good word to get his outlaw status changed.

Lovely riding and shoot-out scenes in a fast-paced little story.

Published 1973

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