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Monday, August 15, 2005

Marvel Double Feature #9 - The Blitzkrieg of Batroc

In a story reprinted from TALES OF SUSPENSE #85 (1967), Cap is hot on the trail of the Hydra agents who have kidnapped the as-yet-unnamed Sharon Carter when he finds that they've led him into a battle with Batroc, the leaper, and his accent of doom.

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Pretty much just a big action issue from that point on, including one dialogue free scene with nine panels of Cap and Batroc exchanging blows until such time as the Hyrda agents prove themselves dishonourable, earning Batroc's scorn. A lot of great fighting panels in this story, and some good characterization in the dialogue.

Frank Giacoia inks the 10-page story.

Published 1975


Kevin Church said...

I have to curse here. I know you'll understand when I say this:

Fuckin' Batroc.

Batroc zee Leep-air said...

Eez it zee accent, Keevin?