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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Strange Worlds #4 - Cover

One of Marvel's shorter lived interchangeable anthologies of the late 1950s, STRANGE WORLDS only lasted five issues but did see four Kirby covers in that span (and one by Ditko), plus some interior work by those two and Al Williamson, Don Heck and others, so it did okay.

Christopher Rule is the attributed inker to this Kirby cover. Frankly this is one of the less inspired of Kirby's covers from this era, especially having seen how he handled similar subject matter (space-suits and alien landscapes) in earlier work of the decade. Even the alien ship is a bit lacking compared to most Kirby drew. The aliens aren't bad, and the expression on the astronaut's face is good, but that's about it.

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Published 1959


dave said...

Wow, wonder if Ditko did that "Changing Man" story mentioned?

bob said...

That was Williamson actually, according to the GCD.

Ditko did "A Magician Walks Among Us" in that issue.