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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Weird Mystery Tales #1 - Horoscope Phenomenon

Another of the stories intended for SPIRIT WORLD #2, "Horoscope Phenomenon or Witch Queen of Ancient Sumeria?" is a 10-page Kirby/Royer story. The first page is reduced slightly to make room for an introduction by Destiny, host of the book, drawn by Bernie Wrightson.

It's a pretty disjointed story, with three vignettes of people seeing visions of a mysterious woman with a form representing their zodiac sign that helps them, from a copy given a clue how to get out of a volatile stand-off, a woman who finds a hidden treasure in a house she inherited and a man who avoided a rockslide that would have been fatal.

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We find out that these are among the stories collected by our friend Dr. E. Leopald Maas, all linked to a Sumarian priestess/witch-queen whose temple he unearthed.

While the story seems like it was cut off and meant to be more, the art is really stunning, with Kirby tossing off odd imagry and action (especially in the police vignette) and Royer's inks complementing it perfectly.

Also in this issue is a 2-page text feature by Evanier and Sherman, also intended for SPIRIT WORLD #2.

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Published 1972

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