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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Fantastic Four #46 - Those Who Would Destroy Us

In the middle of the big Inhumans introductory story in this issue, starting with Ben going head-to-head with Black Bolt, being slightly unnerved by Black Bolt's silence. In the middle of the fight Triton is forced to retreat to the water, where he's taken prisoner by the Seeker, who also breaks into the Baxter Building to capture the sedated Dragon Man, who he mistakenly thinks might be an Inhuman.

After Black Bolt depletes his energy with one big shot at Ben, Karnak calls up Lockjaw to hold Ben back while they retreat, and of course any scene with both Ben and Lockjaw is worth seeing.

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The Inhumans escape, and returning to the Baxter Building the FF see that the Dragon Man was taken and follow the trail to the Seeker's lair. He gives them a quick and not entirely reliable history of the Inhumans, then the Dragon Man wakes up, enraged, and escapes, with Triton's water-filled cage collapsing leaving him dying without water.

Some quick mile-a-minute plotting going on here, and lots of new characters being introduced. It's interesting seeing how minor changes would be made in the Inhumans from one story to the next, really streamlining and improving their looks. Joe Sinnott inks story, on his third issue as regular inker, definitely settling in quickly. The Kirby Checklist lists the cover as Kirby/Giacoia/Sinnott (it's Black Bolt surrounded by floating heads of the FF and other Inhumans), not sure what the division there is, but Ben's almost definitely inked by Sinnott, and I'm pretty sure about the rest of the FF too.

Published 1966

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Kevin Church said...

That scene with Ben and Lockjaw sparring is one of my favorite Kirby FF "bits." I mean, GIANT TELEPORTING DOG versus ROCK MAN. How can it not rock?