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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Tales of Suspense #94 - If This Be Modok

An excellent Kirby adventure in this issue, with a great villain. In this story, Cap and the as-yet-unnamed blonde SHIELD agent are captured by the bee-keeping minions of AIM, who are now under the command of their mysterious creation, Modok. They decide that their best bet is to pit Cap and Modok against each other, so they can easily take them both out after they wear each other out. That's when we get our first good look at the glory that is Modok.

Cap battles Modok until a squad of AIM agents attack, wounding Modok. Cap and the SHIELD agent are able to defeat the AIM agents aboard an escape sub easily, while the dying Modok destroys the main ship.

Fun enough story, but the real charm is in the crazy big-head design of Modok. I'm surprised that such a great villain was just a throwaway.

Joe Sinnott inks the 10-page story and the cover (which rather oddly has Modok stuck in a corner almost as an afterthought, when you'd think he'd either be the focus of the cover or not there at all (if he's meant to be the big reveal).

Published 1967

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