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Sunday, October 24, 2004

New Kirby - Jimmy Olsen v2

Odd how after nothing for quite a while, several Kirby books, from different publishers, are coming out within weeks of one another...

DC has just published the concluding volume of Kirby's issue's of JIMMY OLSEN, with this collection of #142-148. In addition to the stories and covers from those issues (one of them mis-credited, #145 is Anderson inks on the cover, not Colletta. Oddly, Evanier gets it right in his introduction), they also have three pages of reproductions of Kirby's pencil work, so you can see what his actual Superman head looks like, a Newsboy Legion short story from a post-Kirby issue for some reason, the aforementioned Evanier introduction and a cover inked by Al Milgrom over an alternate version of the cover to #133 (the pencils were previously published in THE SUPERMAN GALLERY back in 1993).

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