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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Marvel Tales #125 - Silence or Death

The reprints of the Inhumans back-ups from THOR continue in this issue, which reprints the 5-page Kirby/Sinnott story from THOR #149 (1968). Black Bolt is now 19 years old, and being trusted to leave his sound-proof quarters which protected Attilan from his destructive voice. Some of the other familiar Inhumans of the Royal Family come to meet him, including young Crystal. Of course, brother Maximus comes along and wants to prove that Black Bolt can't be trusted to control his powers, and thus claim the throne.

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Of course Black Bolt passes the test, and the other Inhumans take care of Maximus. A nice short story, interesting to see the younger versions of the characters, and always a great way to see Kirby/Sinnott drawing the characters using their powers, like Medusa's hair and Karnak's martial arts.

Published 1981

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