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Friday, May 18, 2007

Upcoming Kirby

Was cleaning up a few things on the old site, and figured since I still get a fair level of traffic here thanks to old links and search engines I'd quickly mention that Mark Evanier has a coffee-table style artbook on Kirby coming out this fall, KIRBY: KING OF COMICS. This is not the comprehensive biography he's long promised, that is still in progress and will follow in a few years, but an art-heavy book designed to appeal to both established and casual fans.

As always, check the new home of the Kirby Weblog for updates and more details. It's a big year for Kirby reprints (massive hardcovers of the heart of the FF run and most of the Fourth World will be available by years end, plus a lot more).

1 comment:

Lars Johansson said...

Sounds like an awesome book, maybe I can get my library to order it? :)

I'll go take a look at the scans request thread now.