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Friday, November 04, 2005

New Gods #3 - Death Is the Black Racer

No, I'm not entirely sure what the deal with the Black Racer is either. I'm sure Kirby had something unrealized planned for the character/concept, but we'll never know. Anyway, in this story the Racer, an envoy of death, pursues Lightray, but is redirected to Earth by Metron, where he's drawn to paralyzed Vietnam vet Willie Walker, who takes his role as an aspect of the Black Racer.

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I may not understand it, but that's some pretty art. Elsewhere on Earth, Orion and Dave Lincoln pursue the local gangs that have been recruited into the plots of Apokolips.

Colletta inks the 23-page story and cover (which features a photo background of a cityscape).

Published 1971


RAB said...

There is no "deal" with the Black Racer. The Black Racer is JUST COOL. Why can't people just accept that?

Stuart said...

Second rate Silver Surfer.

dave said...

I'm sure plenty of people said "what's the deal with this Silver Surfer?" If Marvel had pulled the plug on FF six issues after the Surfer's first appearance, then those people would still be scoffing.

BTW, this issue of "New Gods" was the one where I realized the problem with Kirby's DC artwork wasn't Kirby, it was Colletta. What a goddam hack.

Mark said...

The problem is, a guy on skis will never look as cool as a guy on a surfboard. Other than that, I never thought the link between the paraplegic guy and the New Gods was ever dealt with properly. Why was he chosen to be Death's host? When? How?

Dammit, Kirby was throwing out great ideas in those books at an amazing rate, and he never got to come back to them and flesh them out further. Damn you Infantino!

Oliver said...

"One look at the Black Racer and his victims died...of laughter."
-- From 'The World's Worst Comics Awards' ('Worst Male Costume' nominee)