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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tales of Suspense #37 - Cover

Some great alien creatures on this Kirby/Ditko cover. I especially love the sample from Saturn. Plus the usual crazy Kirby tech over on the ray gun.

(possibly Ayers inks, see comments)

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Published 1963


Daryl said...

Very cool - Kirby/Ditko, you say? Did Ditko do the inking (the man in the suit looks very Ditko-esque, he didn't by chance do any of the pencils)?

bob said...

Ditko inked the cover. He also drew the interior cover story, a rather unusual 13-page monster story for him (I can't think of any other non-superhero story he did for Marvel from the period that was more than six pages). Now that I think about it, I wonder if the story was meant to have Kirby pencils and given to Ditko when Kirby was too busy.

Anonymous said...


I'm pretty sure the cover inks are by Dick Ayers,not Ditko.

Nick Caputo

bob said...

You sure on that, Nick? I was getting a lot of Ditko from Haag and the human, but a lot of Ayers from the ray gun, and deferred to the Kirby checklist update on it in the end. I'll have to take a closer look comparing it to other covers of the era.