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Friday, February 25, 2005

New Kirby - Marvel Weddings

Just a quick note that MARVEL WEDDINGS came out recently. It has a reprint of FF Annual with the wedding of Reed and Sue. It's not really a very sharp reprint (and bad print quality with Colletta inks is just a double killer) unfortunately, and most people would probably prefer to get the story in the recent MARVEL VISIONARIES STAN LEE or one of the other reprints (none of which are any better, but have better other material).

Also, more when I confirm, but I've heard that the recently announced MAXIMUM FANTASTIC FOUR has been pushed back to the fall.


Mike Sullivan said...

I noticed how poorly the wedding of Reed and Sue was in the Stan Lee book. It's too bad that someone doesn't try to do something about it.

Hmmm... reinking Kirby (especially a Colletta issue)...

dave said...

Well, to reink, you'd have to have the pencilled pages.

Is it too late to prosecute Colletta for crimes against humanity?