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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Journey Into Mystery #59 - I Unleashed Shagg Upon the World

Steve Ditko inked the cover over Jack Kirby for this issue, while Dick Ayers handled the inks for the lead story, "I Unleashed Shagg upon the World". This is really one of the weaker Atlas monster stories, with a man finding a hidden lever next to the Sphinx, bringing it to life as the alien conquerer Shagg.

Shagg proceeds to rampage across Europe then onto America, before realizing that his fellow alien conquers aren't around, and he was re-animated early. So he, um, just reverses everything with his cosmo-gamma electro-magnetic waves, which also makes everyone forget him, and returns to his Sphinx position.

As I said, weak story, but the art is nice, especially the Kirby/Ditko cover. And the rest of the book has some nice Ditko and Heck art.

Published 1960

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